Triple Crown Fundraising

 What we offer:


The most exciting mouse races in the St. Louis area!

We bring the mice, the track, the Winner's Wheel, and the sound system to you.

Safe handling of all race related activities, including the mice.

Chips & betting slips for your guests to use to play along.

An emcee for the races and background music.

Training for your mouse race volunteers.

Guidance based on years of personal experience to help you maximize your fundraiser's return.

We now offer a Chuck A Luck Wheel


How an evening at the races works:


Using our custom built 6 lane track, we run a total of 7 races.

Each race has 6 mice.

Your guests get to view the mice before the races in our stables.

They pick their favorite mouse and cheer them on during the race.

The winning mouse from each of the first 6 races is held for the 7th race, the "Championship Race".


The Winner's Wheel and Chuck a Luck Wheel


A mouse-based version of a 50/50 drawing using a circular table with 50 slots.

Between each race, tickets are sold to your guests until each of the slots are filled.

A mouse is placed on the Winner's Wheel and set free to wander.

The first slot the mouse wanders into wins half the pot, the other half to your fund.


                                            Chuck A Luck Wheel



















































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