Why choose mouse racing?

  • Mouse racing is the best option for your fundraiser
  • Mouse races are a refreshing alternative to boring trivia nights
  • We bring the excitement of the mouse race to you
  • Fundraising can be fun rather than a chore

A crowd of excited attendees watches a mouse race

What we offer:

  • The most exciting mouse races in the St. Louis area
  • We bring the mice, the track, the Winner's Wheel, and the sound system to you
  • Safe handling of all race related activities, including the mice so you won’t have to
  • Chips for your guests to use to play along
  • An emcee for the races and background music
  • Training for your mouse race volunteers
  • Expert guidance based on years of personal experience to help you maximize your fundraiser's return
  • No delivery charges within a 25 mile radius of downtown St. Louis

How an evening at the races works:

  • Using our custom built 6 lane track, we run a total of 7 races:
    • Each race has 6 mice
    • Your guests get to view the mice before the races in our stables
    • They pick their favorite mouse and cheer them on during the race
    • The winning mouse from each of the first 6 races is held for the 7th race, the "Championship Race"
  • The Winner's Wheel:
    • A mouse-based version of a 50/50 drawing using a circular table with 50 cubbies
    • Between each race, tickets are sold to your guests until each of the cubbies are filled
    • A mouse is placed on the Winner's Wheel and set free to wander
    • The first cubby the mouse wanders into wins half the pot, the other half to your fund